Domestic Terrorism: Bacteriological Warfare

Here's some light reading material for everyone to catch up. We're in the middle of a PSYOP designed to WAKE UP AND STAND UP the people, in order for Special Forces to assist us against the illegitimate gov actors actively denying us our rights. The US Supreme Court has declared on several occasions, that officials acting outside of their official bounds are indeed committing acts of TREASON, and WARRING against the constitution. It just so happens that FM 27-10, the Geneva Conventions, the Constitutions, and every other International Human Rights laws documents, all state that the criminals in our offices are in fact committing and guilty of BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE, TREASON, DOMESTIC TERRORISM, COERCION, EXTORTION, RACKETEERING and many, many more crimes. Yet these same people and their POLICE, will arrest you and extort you further, while you pay them to do so, and demand your respect and admiration for doing so. NO MORE.

"In this connection, the United States considers bacteriological methods of warfare to include not only biological weapons but also toxins": FM 27-10 pg.3 Paragraph 3.


Ethylene Oxide Information

Screen shots: MSDS, FDA, EPA, OSHA